Resort complex Elingi

Recreation and entertainment complex ELINGI situated on the shore of river Lielupe, only a 10 minutes ride from Jurmala, and 20 minutes from Riga by car along RIGA - VENTSPILS highway.

Follow road signs to Jurmala and then turn on to RIGA - VENTSPLIS highway. At km marker - 26Km you will see a sign ELINGI. A hunderd meters through the beautiful Jurmalas pine tree forest, you will enter our admirable Recreation and entertainment complex ELINGI. Across the river is one of JURMALAS neighborhoods, JAUNDUBULTI.


Water sports and fun: We offer 2 pontoons/rafts where you can fish, sunbathe or just have some fun. We have one rowing boat and 2 sport boats for Water-skiing, wakeboarding and other water activities. That is ours main Recreation and entertainment complex activity!!!

For summer parties: area includes fireplace, grill, and gazebo with music system and lights for summer parties!

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